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The Pub and Bar Coalition of Canada has created Hospitality Direct an insurance division to provide solutions for all types of small business. Our goal is to maximize profits by offering competitively priced insurance programs. Our cost effective insurance programs are designed by industry professionals who understand the specific needs of the hospitality industry.
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The hospitality insurance team has more than 20 years of experience in the food service industry and is ready to assist you in providing excellent service, knowledgeable and experienced insurance underwriting, as well as competitive terms for your insurance needs.

Business Insurance
We are able to offer a comprehensive hospitality insurance package tailored to your specific establishment. Whether it be a 30 seat cafe, a 100 seat pub, a 200 seat family restaurant or 1000 capacity nightclub, we will offer you the best expertise in the marketplace.

General & Commercial Insurance
General & Commercial Insurance

Hospitality Insurance
Hospitality Insurance

Jewellers Block Insurance
Jewellers Block Insurance

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Protecting you from Financial loss and Personal liability, Hospitality Direct's Home & Auto Insurance Policies have you covered.
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The board of directors of PUBCO are all past and present owners of bars and pubs in Ontario. We understand the pressures of the industry and are working hard to improve  the information flow between government and your business. Our programs are designed to help increase your bottom line and create new revenue streams by maximizing our groups purchasing power.

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